Monday, June 30, 2014

Tweed + Crochet + Glitter flats

Good morning!!

Hope you all had a great weekend! It's going to be a hot hot week ahead so I'm getting ready to brace myself! 
A tweed jacket is not exactly a summer wardrobe essential but for a summer in San Francisco, i think the tweed is just about appropriate!There's a popular saying attributed to Mark Twain: 'The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco'-and that's mostly about true for the summers here-the evening of one particular 4th of July was the coldest I have ever experienced in the city!

Anyway, so I was talking about the tweed-yes,so a wardrobe staple (atleast for me) for summers as well :). I love tweed jackets-If one loves Coco Chanel, one loves tweed-enough said! Of course the jacket is not Chanel(I wish!). I especially love fringe trims on them. Pair a tweed jacket with pearls, lace, soft pastels, silk or satin and even with jeans and a gorgeous pair of heels and you almost always have a timeless look.

I put my outfit together keeping in mind the San Franciscan breeze. Yes, and the glitter flats are a continued obsession. :) Check out my obsessions with glitter here, here , here and here. Check out glitter looks for less here.
 The backdrop is the 16th Avenue Tiled steps Project, a flight of 163 steps with beautiful mosaic- don't miss out on this one when you're in the city! There's so much hidden, in this wonderful city, waiting to be discovered..

Tweed jacket-Korean; Crochet top-Cynthia Rowley;Pants-Banana Republic; Glitter flats(Yes, another one!)-Old Navy; Pearl earrings-From Italy; Rose Headband-Forever New
Ignore my tanned feet-somehow sunscreen doesn't work for my feet!!

Have a wonderful week ahead guys! See you soon!Muaaaahhh!

Shop the look!!

Tweed jacket
Crochet top (another option)
Glitter flats
Rose Hair band
Pearl Earrings

le grĂ¡


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