Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kiss and Glitter

Good morning!!!

Brrrrrrrr!! Temperatures have plummeted here and it's icy cold by the bay! Ginger and I are snuggled tight beside each other on our couch and ruminating,this cold December Tuesday :)

I had a little observer today during my photo session!Princess Leah next door!She stood watching us from behind the bushes and then climbed onto a patio fence as she sat gazing at us as if saying'"Really? Same spot again??" Lol!
The charismatic Leah!
I am not much into graphic tees but sometimes, you really like something for no reason at all and have to have it right? I bet you've been through similar situations(especially with clothes ;) ). That's what happened to me when I first saw this tee-the Kiss Kiss tee!:) I just love it-and as you have rightly guessed, am wearing it all the time now!It's more of a summer cotton tee-but it's so soft, and with some layering, I am taking this into winter!

Here's my outfit with the Kiss Kiss tee!!

Faux fur and tweed cardigan-Macy's;Kiss Kiss Tee (same)and Mona glitter pumps-J.Crew; Jeans-Mango;Hat-H&M

Get the look!

Kiss Kiss tee

Faux fur and tweed cardigan(similar) (cheaper option)

Light blue Jeans

Glitter pumps(similar) (cheaper option)

le grĂ¡

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