Friday, April 18, 2014


Happy blue i.e :)

Am shooting with props today!!;) ;) I finally did get myself a little Parisian souvenir chest from my favorite store Michaels!I still have the Roman one, but I got sold on the English blue of the Paris themed one right away.I have to stop getting sold!!!....Sigh!Pretty things!!

The mood is a happy blue!Kind of a monotone but that's where the glitter flats come in! And yes...I haven't gotten over my glitter shoes syndrome..I am even comparing glitter ballet flats with my little cousins-something common to talk about aye?!:) They love dressing up too and like their Mom and Dad say, they're turning into me! The littlest of them already has a shoe fetish!!She's like hardly 4!!!She dresses up in pretty pink tutu skirts and glitter flats, little peacoats and cowboy boots..she's already a charismatic style icon!Little ones these days..they're always a notch ahead!

Have a great weekend!Dress up and stay chic! <3

Silk Shirt-H&M; Jeans-Gap;Glitter flats-J Crew;Pearl necklace-Forever New

Get the look!

Silk shirt
Necklace (another option)
Glitter flats( another option)


le grĂ¡

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