Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Half-Sari

The Half-sari is a lesser known way of dressing up, specific to Manipur in India.The half-sari was created by working women in Manipur- a practical and manageable way of wearing the traditional outfit.
As I have mentioned before, the Manipuri traditional outfit is a combination of the phanek(wrap) and a phi(stole). Instead of wrapping it around as usually a stole is, one end of the stole is pleated and tucked into the phanek and the other end worn across one shoulder as the sari is worn. Instead of pleating it and pinning it to my shoulder(as working women do), I'm leaving it open here. The delicate silk stole with floral motifs and the striped 'Mapan naiba' phanek (wrap) compliment each other. Mixing of prints- tried and tested, and interpreted here yet again! The outfit is accented with vintage Manipuri design jewellery. These designs have still not been incorporated into mainstream Indian jewellery and are are still limited to Manipur and only available in the region. Hope they are soon!

Silk stole, silk striped wrap(Mapan Naiba), puff sleeved blouse-From Manipur, India;Vintage Manipuri design gold necklace and studded gold bangle-Manikumar jewellers, Sagolband Manipur, India;  Strappy heels-Zara; Gold studs-Tanishq


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