Thursday, October 1, 2015

An ode to my Maharashtrian roots

Hola guys!

Mid week food inspiration anybody??

For a quick snack any time of the day,  flattened rice or Poha has been a go to recipe at home. Ma always made this for us usually for breakfast or as a quick high tea accompaniment when we entertained guests at home. It's quick, easy & healthy. Most homes in Maharashtra have their own style of preparing the Poha. It's a state in the western part of India-can I call it a West Indian state?? :) 

Here's my version(obviously Ma's :) with a little tweaking here and there) of it:

1. While I soak the Poha in water-enough to just lightly cover the top, I boil some peas and potatoes.(I am a multitasker so I am also chopping, taking pics and preparing something else at the same time! )
(I usually use medium Poha available at Indian stores(Bharat Bazaar in the bay area) and soak it in water for about 10 mins since I like it soft. If you're using thicker poha, the time might have to be extended to about 15-20 mins and of course for thin poha, just a 5 minute soak is more than enough).
Boiled peas and potatoes(a little overdone!)

2.  I then heat a non stick pan and add some olive oil(Ma uses simple sunflower oil). I don't use too much oil however I've seen the difference is flavor with more added oil-it's tastier-your choice of course.I don't heat the olive oil too much. I fry some raw unsalted peanuts in it for a bit-make sure it doesn't burn. I realize I have to keep stirring continuously else they tend to burn very easily. I then remove the peanuts from the pan and drain the oil from them by placing them on kitchen towels. After, I add some mustard seeds to the same remaining oil and wait for the crackling noise to settle. Then add a generous pinch of asafetida, some curry leaves, and fry with sliced onions and sliced green chillies.

3. I usually add the turmeric and salt once the onions are translucent just to blend them well with the onions and for other ingredients to come. After about 5 mins, I add the peas and potatoes. I have tried adding grated carrots too and love it!

4. Finally I stir in the soaked Poha and blend it with the rest of the mix, gently but well. Poha cooks really quickly so I just cover the pan for about 5 minutes while blending in intervals and that's it! Sprinkle some freshly chopped cilantro over it, top with some fried peanuts, bhujia(baked chickpea strips- also available in Indian stores) and slices of lemon and there you have it!  A perfect hot yummy snack!

The best part about this humble dish is that one can experiment with ingredients!I introduced this to a neighbor and she's been serving this to her own guests too! Her version includes beans too!

Poha-hot n ready to eat!

Enjoy with a big cuppa of tea!

P.S-Like I mentioned before, though I am not an expert at cooking at all, I still don't measure anything..(Except while baking of course!). For e.g., to measure the poha, I now know through practice that just 2 of my handfuls are enough for one person(that comes to about a little bowlful). Everything else I have arrived at through practice so please don't ask me for portion sizes, teaspoons and cupfuls! :) 

le grĂ¡


  1. Looks yummy! I loves the way you had made it here:)

  2. Looks yummy! I loves the way you had made it here:)


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