Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is your heart wearing yellow today?

Hello loves!

Hope you guys have been having a lovely and 'productive' weekend! I am taking this chance to dress up in a romantic floral summery dress one last time before starting to bundle up! One is beginning to feel the chill in the air and I have been stepping out with my leather(faux) jacket these days just in case I am 'caught' by the breeze.  

I spent today 'laze-driving' (I said it here first! ;) ) around Napa and helped myself to some truffle fries at Boon-Fly-a cute little cozy place on the Sonoma highway. I was introduced to this place by my sister's friend who had come visiting the West Coast recently. The drive back to the bay area was beautiful with sunset and cloudy hues, perfect cool weather too!November Rain(one of my all time favorite tracks!)playedin the background, completing the romantic ambience of the evening!

Anyway, 'nuff said about my long drive story. Here's my dress before I start adding the layers! A little hallmark jingle from childhood days always comes to mind when I wear yellow- 'Whenever I wear yellow, I know why daffodils dance!; Is your heart wearing yellow today??'

Dress-Eliza J(old); Grey suede D'orsay Pumps-From an eBay store based in China;Earrings-Swarovski; Watch-Michael Kors;Nails-Essie Miss Fancy Pants

Shop the look!

Dress (yellow floral) (similar print in a maxi)
Grey suede d'Orsay pumps
Nail color(similar)

P.S: Do check out my Poshmark closet!I have added a new link on the left column of my home page!

Image source: Pinterest
Have a gorgeous week ahead! Stay happy & chic!

le grĂ¡


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