Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Phanek + Blazer

Good morning!

I am being a good girl today!I have been up since early morning working on a blog post-high time ain't it? :)

Hope you're having a great middle of the week!It's perfect spring time with just that right amount of breeze and sunshine!
It's been a while since I put up a traditional Manipuri outfit so here's one! :)

I have paired a cognac and black woolen tribal phanek(wrap/sarong) with a rust top, a black blazer and some accessories. It's the wool that's bulky-not me ;) Blame it on the wool eh? lol.. I have yet to master the art of wrapping the wrap!:) Women in the North East go about their day-household chores, going to college, cycling even playing badminton in their phaneks!And trust me most of them do not wear belts or tie their phaneks/sarongs with string of any kind! One end is just neatly tucked in. Sigh!

For now I am just belting it!Hey, but i climbed a hill last summer wearing the phanek...without a belt!!And i survived, phanek in place, scaling the hilltop..I can't complain can I?? :)  I have been out of touch -that's what it is..hmmm..anyway!So here it is my tribal outfit!

Black blazer-Elizabeth Donatien;Rust knit top-Anthropologie; Cognac and black wrap/sarong-From Manipur, India;Bracelet-From Leh, India; Necklace-Zara; Ankle strap pumps-DSW

Get the look!

Black blazer
Rust top(sold out) similar
Zara necklace(same)
Ankle strap pumps

 ♥le grĂ¡


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  1. Hi
    I am trying to figure out how to wear a phanek. Any help would be appreciated!



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