Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Mayek Naiba

(That's how we formally say hello or greet each other in Manipuri!)

Today I am wearing the traditional Manipuri 'Mayek Naiba' [I think we also call it the 'Mapan Naiba'-please hep me with this my Manipuri country cousins!! :) ] with a leather jacket(faux) and booties!The 'Mapan Naiba' is a phanek(sarong/wrap) with the trademark stripes and embroidered border. This style of the sarong comes in gorgeous vibrant colors and is traditionally worn with the 'rani phi' or silk stoles(see here). I am putting a little twist to it and wearing it as a maxi wrap! :)

This phanek is made of silk and is worn on special occasions or even everyday to work by working women in Manipur. For work, its worn as a half-saree(see here) and for festive/event settings, it is worn with the stole like I mentioned before wrapped around, with a blouse.

I love experimenting with the phanek as you know by now!;)  Check out these outfits here and here!I think it has a lot of potential as a fabric and garment. The booties and jacket give it a modern and edgy look-what do you think? :)

Chain trim Faux leather jacket-Forever 21; Phanek(Sarong/Wrap)-From Manipur, India; Booties-Mango; Earring hoops-Forever New

Image source-Google
Have an amazing day beauties!!

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