Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Peach +Leopard


I know I know! I have been quiet this past week-but I have a good excuse this time- was planning thanksgiving, was scouting and shopping for black friday deals and experimenting with
new recipes for all the left over turkey, which for the record is going to hang around for another week or so!! ;)

Here's out little thanksgiving meal which turned out to be not so little after all! :)
Our little meal with the turkey ofcourse!; Gravy, Cranberry sauce, stuffing seperately, Calabrese crisps and dessert :) The turkey-our first attempt, was not bad at all!
So the week after, there's turkey sandwiches, turkey stir fry, turkey risotto...the works!:) am boasting about my recipes everywhere ain't I??;)

Am pretty hungover with all the turkey! Even Ginger is so sluggish after all the turkey she's been sharing with us!Lol!

Peach satin top-Zara(similar); Leopard cardigan-Mango(same); Jeans-United Colors of Benetton; Snake print clutch-Borrowed from my sister; Pink Pumps-Just Fab; Ring-Moonstruck, Bandra(Mumbai)

This pose is so similar to one before!My little cousins can pose so much better!!Am going to take a cue from them!!

Shop the look!

Leopard Cardigan(same)
Satin top(similar)
Snake print clutch(similar)

le grĂ¡

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