Monday, November 11, 2013


Good morning!

I have been so caught up by my recent spate of cooking (among other things!)that I forgot to share my anniversary or should I say birthday with you! -[I have been biten by the cooking bug yet again -it happens in phases -in terms of trying out new recipes:) You can check out some of my culinary experiments on my snapwidget or on instagram.]

Happy birthday to me!!
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Hauteinterpreter turned 1 already! Yay!! :) It just seems like yesterday when I had the 'November Spark!'. Thank you for supporting me!It has been a great year learning, experimenting and of course hauteinterpreting! :) Am constantly trying to improve and would appreciate all your continuous support and feedback!

It's an all green monochrome look for today with my favorite fall color this year :). A little cable, a little print and jewel tones. Stay pretty, stay warm! Have a great day lovelies!
Cable sweater-Ralph Lauren Sport(same); Green Ankle pants-Kenar, Marshalls; Pumps-Vince Camuto(Nordstrom);Earrings-From a mall in Delhi

Get the look!


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Love and light!:)

le grá


  1. love the pics, and happy birthday ♥

    xxx Inga

    1. :) Thank you so much! <3 <3 and all the best with yours-I see you've just started out too -hope we can learn and share things with each other! :)

  2. Happy birthday :-) Love this outfit, love the total green, gorgeous colour! xo

  3. :) Thank you for stopping by!! Ya, somehow all the greens came together :)


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