Friday, November 8, 2013

Tha Gap analysis

Lol!Don't worry, I'm not going to be talking technical here.. :) The Gap refers to my 'Missing in Action' status that my friends and fellow readers have been complaining about!

What do I do? It's getting dark these days by the time my husband(and partner photographer) gets back and I get lazy for shoots in the mornings!It's all foggy and cold and I don't feel like giving up my warm and cozy blanket at all! Will update you on my outfits soon.
Also, there has been a setback on the home front-loss of property and money..caused by the love of our lives-the incredibly loveable, yet utterly destructive Ginger!

Here's a little damage roundup from her recent ravages:

Look at her acting all innocent!My fav pair of walking shoes ever-gone :(!!
This is just a little preview!She destroyed 3 other pairs of shoes, files and folders-lost count of that, mittens, crockery(I know!!), my library book(paid a hefty fine on that one!),my husband's anorak, my socks, my La Senza's( :(  ) , she almost got to my Choo's in the closet(phew!!) and a scarf! And, this is despite having tons of kongs, Bento balls, bones, squeaky toys  and treats to chew on and play with!

Despite that, I forgave her(I have a big heart ;) )and brought her these treats in the holiday spirit!

As long as she's happy! Sigh!

So this was a little flashback of the week!Sayonara for now!Have a great weekend you guys!Until the next week,

le grĂ¡


  1. Ha, cute post. I have always a small dag and she like to steal a socks. I always need to find where are they. xa Have a nice weekend.

    1. Haha!Thanks Denisa and thanks for stopping by!Loved your blog too! :)


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