Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A November Spark

Hat & Necklace-Forever New, Dress-Marks & Spencer(Photography-Ramneek Sidhu, Delhi)

I am just a regular gal who loves to dress up for herself! .I am a generous size 8-10  with flyaways-that give away my put together look most of the time! ; an easy tendency to put on weight ,and a lover of pretty things and all things beautiful! I may not follow trends , may not afford big brands but yes I do love to interpret, adopt and hunt for practical and affordable styles to suit my personality and body type! Fashion for me is knowing what looks good on you and being able to carry that off with panache just for the love of clothes and shoes!I am originally from Manipur, India and try to incorporate elements from Manipur/North East India and India and into my wardrobe.
I am not an authority on fashion nor am I trying to keep up. This is all about simply dressing up according to what I love and sometimes being inspired to try out something new! I take my inspirations from anywhere and everywhere. Lets see if I can translate this into something worthwhile!

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