Monday, June 3, 2013

Sparkly Power Monday

I love dressing up for work-you have to pay more attention to the 'dos and don'ts' and you have to be careful not to come across too OTT for the job you have and the work environment you're working in. It's always best to stick to the basics, crisp and clean.

I am pairing a simple star printed satin blouse with my good old boucle jacket(the most versatile piece in my wardrobe-hands down!) and black pants. I have used a night gown sash to create a little statement tie-up bow. Imagine the possibilities! ;) You can use different colors, lace and ribbons..Isn't experimenting while dressing up fun!

Also, remember I had mentioned about 'glitter shoes'. Well, here's one of my creations.. I have painted the bottom of my pumps with glitter and mod-podge to create a subtle sparkly flutter when I walk. 

The world is your stage, go create a flutter! Happy Monday! <3
Boucle jacket-Zara; Satin blouse-Marks & Spencer; Bow sash-From a nightgown :) ; Pants-Elizabeth Donatien; Satin pumps-Nine west; Satchel-Mango; Watch-Kenneth Cole;Bracelet-A gift; Pearl studs-From Hyderabad, India

Glitter on my soles :)

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  1. All the combos are very attractive and a big Thumbs-up to your creativity!!!

    Way to go Girl!!!

  2. Thanks and thanks for stopping by too!! Keep visiting!

  3. I wish i was in the corporate sector to wear something like this! Btw any inspiration for dressing up in the 'social service sector' ??! :)

  4. :) sure!have oodles of ideas on Indo-chic though it will be specific to the sector in India!hmm..something to work on and be inspired about! Bring out Fabindia, pair maxi skirts with khadi/silk tops and stoles/chunnis,short kurtas with pallazos and jasmine pants, temple border silk stoles from Manipur as 'chunnis' or 'dupattas' when you're out in the field..Accessorize with hobo bags, silver jewellery, sequin flats, jootis, thong sandals, kitten heel pumps and toms!


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