Friday, March 22, 2013

Peplum and the phanek

Happy Friday Bonitas!

A day for the phanek again!I am pairing it with a short peplum top/jacket and satin pink peep toes. An ode to the poesy of the Manipuri fashion tribe!

This is the month of the festival of color-Holi in India! Back in Manipur, young men and women gather to dance together 'under the moon light' every evening for 5 days, during the 'yaoshang' or Holi month. It's called the 'Thabal Chongba'. It's amazing to see the energy and excitement as they twist, swing and dance around a circle to the rythm of drums and traditional beats! Truly an occasion to witness!

Am so excited about my upcoming vacation! Here's to a happy and chic weekend and swag days ahead!Hope to see you guys real soon!Keep visiting, I promise I'll be back with more from my home country! Stay classy and lovely! <3

Peplum jacket-Forever 21; Phanek(wrap) -From Manipur, India; Satin peep toes with floral motifs-Forever New; Vintage style gold Peacock earrings-From Bikaner, India; Bangles-A gift from my Mom-in-law :)

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