Thursday, September 24, 2015

In time for fall(almost!)

Hello lovelies!!

I have abandoned you guys for a while and I have no excuses this time! But always 'better late than never right? :) Some of you guys have been motivating me to keep posting and have given me heartwarming feedback that makes me want to be more disciplined and committed to what I have created here!

So, without further ado, here's an outfit my sister clicked me in-she got behind me to finally 'dress up' during my visit to India and took all the shots herself!A Manipuri ensemble of a skirt, top and a stole taken wrapped around. I have paired a Manipuri silk stole and olive striped wrap skirt or 'phanek' with an Indian Gujarati blouse. Gujarati blouses are famous for their vibrant and colorful embroidered designs sometimes with mirror-work. I borrowed the blouse from my sister since I loved it immediately and don't have one of my own! (On my ethnic next -list!)

Manipuri formal outfits worn like this are usually paired with traditional gold jewellery however most young Meitei women now mix and match with all kinds of jewelry from all over the country whether its the Kundan-Polki styles, traditional South Indian jewelry, costume jewelry etc.. Just hit me-I am yet to try a look with pearls-on the cards! :)

I have chosen to go bare on the neck but wore thin colorful metal bangles I picked up from Janpath in Delhi-another street shopping haven in Delhi. I am yet to share pictures of women dressed up during a wedding in these thin translucent stoles-put them all together and they're a vision, all angelic and dressed up as if fairies had descended on Earth for a kitty party!

The beauty of these silk stoles is how delicately the fabric is woven with pretty flowers and motifs and the gorgeous colors these stoles come in! I want to wear these stoles more often but being a doggie-mom, well you know!

So here's looking at me! :) Enjoy and be in touch!

Silk stole and silk wrap skirt -From Manipur, India;Blouse-(Gujarati)Borrowed from my sister;Bangles-Lokai and Janpath, Delhi; Peep toe pumps-Aldo; Earrings-Swarovski;Me-still going strong :)

Shop the look!


Note: Manipuri fabrics and apparel are still not available online! I wish I can make it happen!

le grĂ¡

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