Tuesday, July 15, 2014

j'aime lavande

The path that led to the fields did not hint at the beauty that lay hidden deep within. The dirt road curved and we slowly drove up the hillside dotted with trees that were parched under the sun. A mile later, a clearing -nothing could have prepared us for the majestic beauty of the sight-a snow capped peak in its own soliloquy with lavender fields. The breeze gushed past and the scent of the understated yet elegant loveliness caught my nostrils. I was mesmerized, in awe of the beauty of the moment. I stood in the fields with my cane basket, my white lace dress flowing in the gentle aria of the sun, breeze and lavender. I could roam the fields all day-there was too much beauty to soak up. Life is short, life is beautiful-this was a moment-and as I stood still, tranquil, calm and as merry as the lavender dancing a little gig in the sunshine, a fragrance of awareness of only the world around them,time stood still, crisp,calm, stirring, inspiring, awakening....

 She does love lavender because it's the color of transformation
                                                                         -Felicity Huffman

Note: Indiblogger is having a contest to create the first crowd-inspired fragrances for Godrej aer. http://www.godrejaer.com/

Inspired by my recent visit to some beautiful lavender farms that left me smitten, this is an account of my tete a tete with beauty! :)

le grĂ¡


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