Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Romper + Booties


How many times have you bought something impulsively and realized you could have skipped that buy??Well, that happens to me once a while ;). This navy and white romper(it had a navy ribbon around the neck which I replaced with an onyx stone necklace) was one such buy! I found it really cute, off the shelves at forever 21 and once I bought it, was wondering whether a romper was age-appropriate for me!

Hmm, you know what they say, wear something as if you own it and you can pull off most things :). Hence, I decided to put this together for the current sweater weather we are experiencing in the bay area. I still find it cute worn just by itself but my husband says it makes me look like a school girl!..Hence the cardigan, some tights and some booties. Feedback please! :)

Eliot Cardigan-Anthropologie(same);Navy Romper-Forever 21;Booties-Kelly & Katie Morningstar Booties,DSW(same);Tights-Target; Paris Ipad case-Valley fair mall

Get the look!

Black Booties(same)
Grey tights
Paris Ipad case(I love this so much too!!)

Have an awesome day ahead!! Love!

le grĂ¡

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