Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome me back!! :)

Good morning!!

It's been a while!Hope you all have been having a great year! The mood is a bit off with the 49ers losing out to its archrival the Seahawks.  :( I feel bad for Kaepernick -our quarterback. But I hope they make a great comeback the next year!!:)

I have been lazy to sort through all the pictures of our recent roadtrip, but managed to pick out a few finally!! :) We drove across Nevada, Idaho, West Yellowstone in Montana and Utah.  We witnessed beautiful landscapes, vacillating temperatures,opulent spaces and took in the gloriousness of it all. We came back rich with the experiences, peaceful and rested(despite all the driving!)

Now, I can't say much about my outfit. I have a hard time putting my outfit together in freezing temperatures!!Hence the Christmas tree look with layers lol! The ideal sweater with the pants was not warm enough for me, thus the green sweater over it ;) Look at me all bundled up snug!!m wearing 3 layers!!I wasn't prepared for the freezing temperatures , as much as I read about it!
But hey, I am sporting those snow boots I got recently and what can I say about them?? They kept my feet warm ,dry and had great traction for all those icy paths we traversed this season!They were my go to pair during the icy road trip :)

I was in a similar situation a few years back when I was traveling in  Turkey. I do not know how I packed a summer wardrobe for boot-weather Istanbul at that time-so I was layering myself with grey-pink and brown(to keep me self warm-don't ask!!It wasn't a pretty sight but the grand Hagia Sophia diverted attention away from me ;)

Here's me ruminating by myself :)

Trekking the high trail toward the Delicate Arch
.....and here it is-the view breathtaking and majestic-the climb, the toil, the treacherous path(i may be exaggerating this a little bit) to witness the splendidness of it all :) My husband walked all the way up to it. I was content, taking the pictures-the drop was too vertiginous for my heart to take!!

Braving the cold to watch the grandeur of a sunrise in the Arches National Park-we literally froze ourselves, waiting for the sun to shine upon us!!

...and this my friends, is a casual pic for the blog, with my signature pose!Lol!

le grĂ¡

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  1. Welcome Back!! Great the brightness and the colours :) Stylish outfit too :)


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