Monday, December 16, 2013

Cold weather shoes under $100!


Here I am!Got up a little late this morning!I get so lazy in the mornings!It's so comforting to snuggle up in bed and look out into the frosty morning!I was up all night decorating our Christmas tree too!!

....Just kidding! :) My husband and I decorated out little tree last weekend!Yay!!. It's a minimalist tree this year with not too many ornaments-a subtle silver-blue look with light flocking. Ginger was so excited and she kept circling around the tree with twinkling eyes!

Here she is after her little explorations!

Our tree! :)

This is Beauty, sitting pretty on our tree! :)

Glitter pumps :)

So this is it!Hope you're having lovely days of cheer and happiness!!To add a little warmth to your life, I have hand picked a few warm shoes to keep you snug this winter!! Here they are, and they are all under a 100 bucks!!


le grĂ¡

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