Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunset Latte

During fall, I get addicted to the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. Throughout the year, besides the occasional chai latte or hot chocolate, I don't drink much coffee-used to be a coffee addict some years back! Now I am a tea person(actually I always was one)!I love a typical concoction of Indian ginger tea!Especially in the mornings when it's nice n cold and cloudy, and am sitting all wrapped up, warming my hands around my tea mug(yes, I have a ginormous tea mug!) with my pretty Ginger curled up near my toes. It's a state of happiness! :). Oh, my husband you ask?-he's still fast asleep at this time, he's not much of a tea person but on the weekends, the ritual includes him and the NFL/NBA scores. Yes, I have become a football and basketball fan too since I got married!:)

Anyway, I have this habit of going off on a tangent..sometimes I can just rattle off..hmm..where was I..? Coffee! So, ya, bad habit drinking coffee during the sunset hours-I wouldn't recommend it, but that's what I have been doing exactly!Keeps me awake at night sometimes yet I do it!

Went for a quick bout of shopping for household items, grabbed my latte and this is what I wore for the errands :) .Simple. My good old Mia boots are out!

Have an amazing weekend chicas!

With my pumpkin spice latte!

So that's my ponytail and scrunchy!I admit I am a scrunchy person!

Get the look!
♥le grĂ¡ 

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