Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Napa sojourn


Good morning!Hope you're having a great week!

A cuppa for the cold morning :) and am set for the day.

Today, I'm sharing some casual pictures of our short outing to Napa. My sister keeps telling me to share a little bit more about my life with you lovely people, besides the 'hauteinterpreting'! :) . So hereon I'll give occasional snapshots of my everyday life! Do tell me what you think of it!

So, it was a quick jaunt, a drive by the vineyards and rural Napa to soak in the colors and breeze of fall. We love this cute little family run Mexican restaurant (our favorite) for some yummy soup.

I always forget the name :(. It's by the main road as you pass American Canyon and towards Napa.
We love it because the flavors are so home made and so authentic!

Some wine, some sun, a song and the light breeze-fall in wine country spells quintessential romance and sunny days.

Ginger loves the breeze!Napa was her first ever outing when she was just 8 weeks!

le grĂ¡

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