Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Floral top, leather jacket+ Boots!

Time to take out those boots! Yay!! It's not that cold yet but the evenings are just right for the boots! :) . This is a casual look, with an empire waist floral top, paired with skinny jeans, faux suede boots and a faux leather biker jacket. I am again somehow drawn to empire waist tops but I would only recommend them for maternity :). I am serious! I love this top but I received very kind smiles at my local grocery store and someone even let me go ahead in line! I couldn't blame them with my chubby face n all..Lol!

This top is going to be tucked away for a while :)

:) Source:Google

Faux leather jacket-Calvin Klein;Floral empire waist top-Sarojini market, Delhi;Jeans-Gap;Suede boots-Payless, Canberra

Get each of these pieces for under a 100 bucks!


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  2. Lovely floral top! Gonna try this look!


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