Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Angela and Roi-Humane is chic!

There's an understated brand doing the rounds about town.PETA PETA where thou art?We need to sit up and take notice of Angela and Roi.They are an online handbag brand. They recently contacted me to help spread awareness about their 'Donate by Color' campaign.Their cause immediately struck a chord with me. In a world dominated by the uber fashion brands that exploit animals with an unblinking eye,here comes a clean, crisp and modern brand : Enter Angela and Roi-a brand where fashion is humanitarian and chic meets affordability. Besides being vegan(the brand does not use leather at all), they donate $5 towards 11 different causes, for each color of bag sold. You can see the various causes they are associated with here.
Image source:Angel and Roi

For an animal lover like me with a love for fashion, the brand was a dream come true,to bridge the gap between fashion, a love for animals, affordability and of course it's sleek designs!  A la Stella Mc Cartney, just super kind to the wallet!I don't understand why brands continue to hurt beautiful innocent creatures. Beauty can be acheived without having to hurt living creatures. If fashion is for beauty,it ought to protect and preserve it.

You can get the ostrich look without torturing an ostrich-the brand demonstrates it; then why kill an ostrich?These pieces from the brand are luxurious and beautiful like any other handbag brand that uses leather instead. I personally love its cross body purses and square totes.

This is a brand I vote for-I love its designs .I recommend these pieces to all my lovely friends and followers. Bring in some color into your lives and others. Humane is chic!

Be a color angel!

Image source:Angela and Roi
Angela Roi-My favorites
Angela and roi-My favorites!

Not sure which one to get?? How about one for each day of the week? Each of these pieces are under $100-$150!!:)

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