Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall wishlist!

It's almost end of August and temperatures in the bay are dropping bit by bit.It gets dark at 8 pm, a half an hour ahead unlike in the mid of summer!..And I'm already preparing my early fall wishlist!

A couple of pieces-including:
1.A navy military style flared peacoat-very chic for a while!
2.A lovely classic white flared basic(I love this so much though I already have a white one!)
3.A Burberry look-alike trench coat since the original is so out of reach!
4.A floral cardigan:I am a granny when it comes to floral anything!
5.A navy lace dress-Have been wanting one for over half a year now!
6. Lace oxford shoes!-you can pair them with anything from a dress to baggy pants and leggings!
7. A lovely white faux fur scarf!(perfect when it gets a little chilly)

What's on your fall wishlist?


  1. I love this post especially the coat with the fur. It looks so perfect for fall and I know what you mean about the weather getting cooler


  2. Thanks for stopping by! :)Yeah, have been craving for this coat and scarf for a while! :)


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