Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall 2013 shoe trends interpreted

Lets talk Shoes! Here's my interpretation of 5 fall shoe trends!
Fall shoe trends interpreted
Collage-Made by me;Images and trend source-Fabsugar
1. Tough boots
To be honest, I am not a big fan of the tough boots I've seen that have set this trend on the runway!I am more of a  girly girl..The furthest I would go is maybe experimenting with combat or cowboy boots; my sister is more of the combat boot kinda gal but I'm not so sure-not me! Cowboy boots with short dresses are cute but I've been crazy about them when sported by little girls! 

 2. Loafer detailing
Tassels,glitter, chained-yes, I am totally voting for this!A classic tasseled loafer has been on my wishlist for some time now! (Wow my wishlists are never ending!) This classic white loafer from Forever new was drool-worthy;alas no access to forever new for me :(
Forever New Loafer

3. Prints
Love love love! :) Florals, plaid, leopard! Sport your prints this fall-on pumps,loafers,toms or booties!

4. Lace up heels
This trend I love!There are so many choices out there with the lace up detail! My flounce 'jules' pump qualifies for it too :).

5. Sandal Boots
Ummm- not so much, so have interpreted subtler styles for it-more like gladiator heels but works don't you think??

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