Monday, June 10, 2013


As little girls, my sister and I used to love watching our Mommy get dressed for parties. We would get so excited when she was finally ready, complete with her daintily embroidered vintage kerchiefs, tucked into her vintage style mommy clutch(I am first in line when Ma's ready to bequeath it ;) )and help her with the final touches of her sari,tugging on the edges to make them even, pinning the pleats to make them stay in place and ironing them out with our little hands.

I would describe her style as minimalist and elegant. She was never about being 'made up'. She always used a subtle shade of lipstick, combed her hair into a neat bun and used matching accessories and pearls. Mommy always made a statement with her dainty jewellery. She never liked anything chunky.

I fell in love with the sari thus, and wore it to work sometimes too, inspiring 'Sari Tuesdays' at my workplace. Today, I dress up with a silk temple border Manipuri sari. The sari is handmade and this particular style is Manipuri-temple border saris are common across India-you have the Bengali version and South Indian versions as well. I go minimalist, following my Ma's footsteps; accessorizing with a pair of gold earrings and a vintage Manipuri gold 'Pundon Mapan' cocktail ring(a little on the chunkier side this one; Ma has a daintier version :) ). 

Manipuri silk temple border sari-From Manipur, India; 'Pundon Mapan'Gold ring-Manikumar,Sagolband-Manipur, India;Gold Earrings-From Pune,India;Ankle strap gold heels-From Mumbai


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  2. Hi there,
    Your saree and jewellery are exquisite, to say the least! :-)
    Could you please let me know where I may find the saree outside Manipur? I am based out of Kolkata.

    Thanks a ton.
    Ms D Das

  3. Hi!Ms D!!

    Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your compliments :). You belong to a very colorful city!I love Kolkata!
    I think there is a Manipur emporium(Panthoibi Manipur Emporium) in Kolkata where you can find authentic hand woven silk sarees. That's the safest bet-though it may be priced higher.
    I googled the address and it shows up as: F-20, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex, Dhakuria, Dhakuria.

    Besides that, I would have to ask around and get back to you!Will surely let you know once I find out! Take care! :)

  4. Hey!

    Thanks a ton for taking out time for such a detailed reply :) ...very sweet of you, indeed...and great too know that you love Kolkata...

    Well, I have a huge obsession with the sarees from North-east, mostly from Manipur and Assam :) ...I do visit Panthoibi in Dakshinapan once in a while and have bought silk sarees from them but none as beautiful as yours :)

    I guess the choices are much better in Manipur...The multi-coloured peacock motif on this vibrant red and yellow Saree looks stunning and very distinctive...

    Just curious, roughly how much would this cost in Manipur? In Panthoibi, these sarees are currently priced at about INR 9.5 to 10K (that too after a 20% discount)!

    Do you know any nice Manipuri Saree shop in Guwahati? Sometimes on work I travel to Guwahati.

    Take care and stay beautiful...


    1. Hi Debarupa!!

      So glad to see you here again! Sorry for my late response, I was actually asking around about Manipuri saree shops in Guwahati!
      Unfortunately, it's just the 2 emporiums in Guwahati as well. Those are the best places to get good authentic Manipuri silk sarees. And yes being Government emporiums, they are a little more heftily priced. I believe they have even gone upto INR 14-16000 as well in recent times. It is the same case back in Manipur, only you have more options for places to shop at, and for designs; but prices are usually around that figure.
      Sometimes they have trade fairs where Manipuri artisans set up shop. I am sorry I have no idea about those in Kolkata though. Have seen them in Delhi.
      I keep hoping there is a way to they could be accessible online!Will let you know if that happens!!

      Keep in touch! Take care! :) <3

  5. Where can I get these sarees online. Also are they available in cotton.


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