Friday, February 15, 2013

Affordably chic

Its fun to create a cool outfit out of budget buys. Paired with statement accessories, it can make the look stylish and dressy. All my outfit pieces were a steal(am a really bad bargain hunter otherwise!).

Have a great weekend and stay lovely! <3
Oriental style floral top and tights-Sarojini Market, Delhi; Suede Boots-Payless;Heart shaped earrings -Murano, Italy(A gift);Bangle-Hand made(by artisans from Jaipur, India);Wristlet-Coach(A gift); Charm-Icing;Tiered Necklace-OMO, Mumbai

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Suede Boots (Flat)

Tiered Necklace(expensive) and  cheaper option

Charm (want this one too!!)

Heart shaped Murano Earrings



  1. Very nice improvised che! Btw where did you get the mandarin print top? :P

  2. Thanks Nao!<3 you know where I got it from ;)


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