Monday, November 10, 2014

Rajasthani chic!

Good morning guys!!

Another day in paradise! Or so I want to believe :) 

I told you I would share pictures from my recent visit to India. Here's what I wore on Diwali, celebrating the festival of lights with my family.

This is a 'Gota-Patti' embroidered sari from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Small pieces of 'zari' ribbon are applied onto the fabric with the edges sewn down to create elaborate patterns. A lovely bright yellow, I fell in love with it during a shopping trip to Jaipur years back.

I have paired the sari with a dull gold jacquard blouse. I would have loved to pair this with a lovely fuschia pink velvet blouse instead, for a vibrant contrasting look as my sister did! Am going to do that the next time!

Being my first Diwali in India after my marriage, I had to look the part-so I added some gold jewellery to complete my look. The gold bangles and ring are traditional Manipuri jewellery. My nails just happened to be grey which I realized after I looked at the pictures 2 days later! Sigh!!

And about the shoes....That's why I used to travel with a separate suitcase only for my shoes when I was a single gal. International travel and going back home after ages(the gifts take up all the space!) have left me with no choice but to go light on the shoes!!!! (Sad face)..

Anyway, I improvised with Old navy glitter flats which after all didn't turn out so bad did it now?


Stay tuned for more!! Have a fabulous day!! Muaaahhh!!

Gota Patti sari-From Jaipur, India; Shoes-Old navy glitter flats; Jewellery-Tanishq and from Manipur, India

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Gota Patti Saris
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♥le grĂ¡


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