Monday, November 17, 2014

Polyvore meetup!!

Hi guys!!

I attended a Polyvore meetup last Friday and am so excited to share my experiences with you!I have been using Polyvore for the last 2 years, also creating sets for hauteinterpreter as you know!(or don't you?? oh no!now you do!)

It was a day long event where we got to interact with polyvore team members,  users and some interesting people from the fashion industry. Starting with scrumptious breakfast, there were presentations by the team, Q&A and feedback sessions, yummy lunch from the Mobowl food truck and fun activities!
There was a fun photo booth, mini makeovers from bare minerals (where I got my eyes played up:)
) and customized tees being printed for us. A very creative bingo game was organized where we got to interact with so many more people from the cool Polyvore team!Do you know that Polyvore allows pets at its workplace?I think any workplace that allows something like that has to be one of the best places to work at!
The winner of the game had to collect some 30 odd signatures from each person who fulfilled a requirement on the Bingo sheet. One of the requirements was that the person you were getting the signature from had to own more than 30 pairs of shoes! So you can guess how much fun it was!:) And now you would know why I was one of the members giving autographs throughout! ;). I think I came 2nd-I didnt realize someone had already gotten those signatures while I was still busy collecting them!Lol!

Then there was the happy hour with more food and interactions!
It was a delightful experience overall, making new friends and learning more about the Polyvore community.

Here's are two of my sets I created for the contest:

Tweed n Tulle dream #TailoredToYou
Tweed n Tulle dream #TailoredToYou

High tea with #Polyvore #TailoredToYou

High tea with #Polyvore #TailoredToYou 

Here's what I got in my goodie bag! Treats from #Iristrocracy, #Modcloth, #Nasty Gal, #Sole Society, #Les Nouvelles etc

Tons of goodies!So Excited!!

Polyvore Meetup
Aren't these cute?:) We wore these as we ate brunch outdoors!(Image source:Polyvore)

Polyvore #TailoredToYou

Polyvore-all about the meetup #TailoredToYou on Polyvore (Do check out more of my sets!)

Have a great week ahead! Love!

le grĂ¡


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