Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Statement pieces!

Romantic breeze by the bay today-the poetry inspiring kinds! :)

Good morning!Hope you are all fabulous!

Last Sunday, I was craving pasta, and when I crave, I crave very specifically!lol..My taste buds always know what they want! It was Linguine Portofino..and not just Linguine Portofino from a restaurant but Linguine Portofino from Nick's Lighthouse-(that's how specific my cravings are!) and nothing else would suffice!
My cravings have often led to spontaneous sojourns and special adventures! I've had friends who voluntarily went out in the middle of the night to get me chocolate cake, because I was craving some..they've brought me samosas(Indian fried dumplings-if I may call them that!) despite coming home late from work..My mom makes her special chilli chicken happen whenever I crave it!I received special chocolates I was craving, from my sister, without a mention of a word to her-that was heavenly interference!!:)  I could go on and on..

Anyway, back to my Linguine Portofino!This is one of the best pasta dishes I have ever sampled in recent times! So we drove down,all the way just for some brunch!Whenever you are in San Francisco, near Pier 39, do sample this gastronomic delight at Nick's Lighthouse!So this was like the ...ummmm....'n'th time I was going back for the same dish! Loved it all over again!!

Now for a snapshot of what I wore :)  Statement pieces like a necklace and a pop of color with accessories or shoes always add panache to a simple jeans and tee look-don't they?!So,here I am-hanging out with Ginger!

Hanging out by the Pier with Ginger; [Faux leather jacket-Calvin Klein;Kiss Kiss Tee-J crew;Necklace-Zara;Jeggings-Gap; Red suede d'orsay flats-Old Navy; Messenger Bag-Charles and Keith]

Shop the look!

le grĂ¡

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