Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Floral dream!

When I came upon Forever New(the Australian brand) for the first time, it was a dream come true! Am serious! :) Here was a brand I could identify with, one that was offering what I was exactly looking for! It epitomized the true essence of what I idealize in fashion, why I love clothes; it sizzles with elegance, chic and all things dreamy and girly!

I have been in love with the brand forever since. This is the brand that I had in my head if I ever turned to designing! :)

I fell in love with the Melbourne store(I don't remember the street!) the moment I set foot in it and used to keep going back there just to sit, dream and go nuts shopping!
Alas we don't have the brand in America nor does it provide shipping yet!I am so in love with the brand that I actually wrote to them to set up shop here in the US!LOL!I am that crazy sometimes!But they were so sweet to reply!
So until this dream comes true, here's what I'm lusting after at Forever New! Sigh!
Floral dream

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