Tuesday, March 12, 2013

'Granny' sweater

I love old school fashion. That's what's creating waves in the fashion industry with the term 'vintage' isn't it ?(the really old-school one's of course!) :) My sweater here is not vintage but the first thing my husband saw it, he said it was 'Grandma like' :) I loved it even more from then on! Like the saying goes in my family-I am supposed to be the reincarnation of my great grandmom! ;) Hmm..Eerie...? No I think its so exciting! ha ha!

Anyway, let's cut to the chase..I dressed up my 'Granny' sweater with an infinity scarf, skinny jeans and cuban heel ankle booties. Not so Grandma like now ha? Wondering whether I should have worn a dress or a skirt with stockings and lace booties...hmmm...will do so next time!

You guys have a good one!Happy Tuesday!muaaaaahh!
Floral cardigan-Forever21; Satin blouse-Zara; Infinity scarf-Aldo; Jeans and Cuban heel booties-Mango

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