Friday, January 25, 2013

Hmm..A Friday thought

I am notorious with my 'shoe excuses'-self confessed. Here's another one I'm trying to convince my husband about ;)

Image courtesy: Pinterest

As I ponder on life and important things, Ginger's having a ball at the doggie park. She gets me thinking, all she needs is food, the occasional bone, play time and lots of love. Aah the simple uncomplicated life-nurturing and living the little precious moments. Everything else seems vain. The world's so materialistic..I could give it all up..Hmm...I'm wondering..Even if I give it all up, can I still keep the shoes?? :)..Huh..its a materialistic world and being a shoeaholic makes it even worse!

Beret-Rubi Shoes, Canberra; Earrings-Either Or, Pune, India; Blazer-Elizabeth Donatien; Sweater-From Moreh, Manipur, India;Jeans-Gap; Scarf-Shoppers Stop, India; Riding Boots-Mia cavalry, Piperlime; Emerald Ring-Vintage(a gift from Ma)

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